IMEKO - Cigarette butts recycling for environmental care

Cleaning the world

of cigarette butts

Carbon footprint saved
(kg CO2eq)
Uncontaminated water
At IMEKO, we know that every second that passes, so many cigarette butts are discarded in the world that they could fill 80 Olympic swimming pools.

The filter of the cigarette butts is made of cellulose acetate, a plastic material that retains thousands of toxic compounds (+7000)
We are chemists, innovators and passionate about the circular economy, creating sustainable raw materials from the world’s cigarette waste.
From chemistry the solution is born. Cigarette butts go from being a problem to a new innovative and sustainable raw material that with its use has a positive impact on the environment.
0 %
Of the cigarettes consumed daily in the world are discarded into the environment.
0 %
Of the cigarette butt is made of non-biodegradable plastic, which is very harmful to the environment.
Trillion cigarette butts are discarded into the environment every year in the world.
Toxic Chemicals (Heavy Metals, Nicotine, Carcinogens) in each cigarette butt.

Cigarette butts recycling

We are committed to eliminating cigarette butts from the environment.
All must be recycled.
Join the network of collaborators for the recycling of cigarette butts!

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