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We offer IMEKO brand containers, special for the collection of cigarette butts. In addition, we provide a subscription service for the recycling of cigarette butts collected in companies, municipalities and other institutions.
At IMEKO, we work with local waste management companies who help us comply with the field's logistics work, which allows us to cover all regions in Chile. If you want to hire IMEKO’s services, please contact us to coordinate the provision of services in your commune.
You can not recycle cigarette butts from home because the scientific process developed by IMEKO for cleaning cigarette butts involves a chemical process carried out by our team of specialists with all the necessary safeguards so that the waste is handled responsibly. On the other hand, due to the pandemic, we have disabled the option of the particular sending of cigarette butts. However, we will notify on our social networks when this option is again available.
Cigarette butts are treated by a process in which solid waste such as paper and remaining ash are removed. After, butts go through IMEKO’s chemical process, eliminating the thousands of toxic compounds generated by cigar’s combustion. Then, this clean material is converted into Celion, a pellet based on cellulose acetate, ready to manufacture new plastics products.
Celion is the plastic material made from recycled cigarette butts, waste which currently there is no way to reuse or recycle. Due to its characteristics can be used for manufacturing packaging, cosmetic containers, decorative products, lens frames, organisation products, and various industrial parts.

Parque Industrial, Curauma, Valparaíso, Chile.