IMEKO - Our story behind cigarette butt recycling

We are the experts behind the science of cigarette waste recycling

Our history

It all started with a question:

There are so many cigarette butts polluting the world, will it be possible to do something with them and reduce their impact?

Since 2017, IMEKO® has been a pioneer in sustainable solutions for cigarette butts.

Valery and Germán, chemists committed to science and the environment, created a revolutionary process to make cigarette butts completely recyclable and recover the plastic from its filter. With Jennifer, from the business world and passionate about sustainability, the founding team began their mission: cleanse the world of cigarette butts. Later, Felipe joined the team, contributing his industrial vision and forming the production department, giving the company even more shape.

Currently, IMEKO® is a Certified B Corp and part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community, reflecting its commitment to innovation, circular economy and social responsibility.

IMEKO® is a young team, with a passion for science and wanting to improve the world by recovering

one cigarette butt at a time.


We set out to become solvers of the environmental problems caused by cigarette butts using our scientific knowledge. We developed a process based on chemistry, and we turned that idea into a real solution, managing to recover the plastic from the filter of the cigarette butts, completely free of toxic components, and transforming it into a new sustainable raw material for its reincorporation in the economy of plastic materials.

They have believed in us